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Cupping Massage (Deep, Relaxing, or a Blend – Your Choice!)

The combo of massage cupping with other massage methods is incredibly effective at significantly reducing pain or tension to get you the best results. You can have a deep tissue focus, Swedish/relaxation focus, or a combo of the two. It’s up to you!

Cupping marks can be avoided by doing only soft/Swedish/myofascial cupping (aka, movement cupping); however, integrating both styles usually gives optimal results. ($99/60 min) FIRST SESSION $10 OFF ($89).

Bamboo Massage or Warm Bamboo Massage (Deep or Relaxing Focus)

Are you looking for a Bamboo Massage (or Warm Bamboo Massage) in Austin, TX? You’ve come to the right place! Bamboo massage is useful for deep tissue massage, though it can also be used for relaxation and spa treatments. The bamboo tools can be warmed, if you prefer, which helps to melt more tension (and feels amazing). Must experience! Jess is one of the few therapists in Austin offering Bamboo Massage or Warm Bamboo Massage. ($99/60 min) FIRST SESSION $10 OFF ($89).

Gentle Yogassage or Thai Massage (Yoga + Massage)

Yogassage blends restorative yoga (calming floor poses) with tension-relieving compression massage…similar to a Thai yoga massage session. If you prefer, we can do a traditional Gentle Thai Yoga Massage Session. These sessions are fully clothed on the floor, on your yoga or exercise mats. (I will bring mats that you can use, too.) The focus is gentle and restorative and tailored to your needs and goals. ($108/session – 90 min.) FIRST SESSION $10 OFF ($98).

Swedish Massage (Light, Medium or Deep)

Swedish massage is a wonderful choice for relaxation, stress relief, improved circulation + health boost! Long, flowing massage strokes help your nervous system to breathe and unwind. The pressure (light, medium, or deep) will be tailored to your needs. ($99/session – 60 min.) FIRST SESSION $10 OFF ($89).


First time sessions are generally booked for 60 minutes.

***15-minute add-ons ($20 each) may be added at your appointment time, as needed/available.***

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