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I’m Jess, Owner (& Primary Therapist) of Austin Cupping Massage.

Thanks for stopping by this Frequently Asked Questions page :).

How long have you been practicing?

I’ve been a Yoga Teacher & LMT for more than 10 years, and an avid fan and practitioner of cupping (myself and my clients) for 3.

What are your rates?

Please check the booking & rates page! First time clients, take $10 off your first session: )

Why do you have dogs/animals in your videos?

I’m a dog lover, and decided it would be fun to include some of the snaps I’d taken of my clients fur babes over many months – just something I thought was cute! You do NOT need to have a dog to be a client! LOL But if you do, I might snap a pic, to remember the cuteness. :).

Do you have reviews?

Yes! Meet my clients in the video below.

Also, there are reviews on Google and YELP!

Will I always get hickies when I do cupping or get cupped?

Not necessarily. Please check out the basic videos here, for more on that!

Do you do other massage modalities besides cupping?

Yes. Yogassage (Yoga + Massage). And deep tissue bamboo massage. And Swedish massage! See bookings page.

Are there times I should not get cupping, or do cupping?

Yes, generally if you have circulatory problems or blood clotting problems, it’s not a good idea. If you are seeing a doctor for any type of serious disease or medical condition, it’s also probably not a good idea. And here are some other situations you might choose to avoid cupping. Have questions or concerns? Always check with your doctor!

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