If you’re looking for a great way to relieve stubborn knots or chronic pain on your own, between pro sessions, then “firm cupping” (aka “deep tissue cupping”) can be an excellent ally…

What is “deep tissue” cupping?

That’s generally when you leave your cups in one place for a few minutes, instead of moving them around. Holding them in place allows the area to release and helps chronic knots and trigger points to dissolve.

With this method, you can either use a soft flexible cup (like you use with soft/myofascial cupping) or you can use a firm cupping set, with a pump gun and a tube (this is the most common way to do deep tissue cupping).

NOTE: If your set comes with magnets, as some do, just know there is no need to use magnets as a beginner … or ever! I never use them, myself. (I made a separate video post on magnet cupping.)

This video goes over how to dissolve knots and trigger points using deep tissue cupping.

Cups shown in the video:

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