Want an excellent way to relieve tension and stress, smooth out your fascia, and also improve your skin tone in just 5 minutes?

Soft cupping works wonders in this department.

What is “soft cupping”?

The soft silicone cups are pliable and flexible, and you can easily move these cups around on your body (instead of keeping them attached to one place)…

This is great when you want to work out a general area to relieve pain tension, rejuvenate skin, or work on loosening and hydrating your fascia ….

It’s also great when you simply want to avoid getting hickies (which generally only appear when cups are left in one place for several minutes).

In this video, we go over a couple of kinds of soft cups, and the basic method for using them for relieving pain and tension… or for whatever you use your cups for!


Cups shown in the video:

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