If you like the way cupping benefits you, you can also cup yourself between your professional sessions. Saves you some money and helps you stay in good shape! It can also be used for skin care purposes (scar tissue healing, cellulite reduction, and anti-aging).

Before you start with self cupping, you’ll want to:

  1. Make sure it’s safe for you. Check with your doctor if you have any doubts or questions.
  2. Get some cups! (I recommend these! – Ideally, one soft cupping set an one firm cupping set. 🙂 )
  3. Check out the videos below to learn self cupping basics.

1. Cupping for General Tension Relief (a General Area) or Skin Benefits … “Soft Cupping”

2. Cupping Specific Pain Points and Trigger Points … “Firm Cupping”

3. Cupping Harder to Reach Areas, like Shoulder Blades … with the Cupping Tube 🙂

4. The Truth About Cupping Marks (Don’t Be Scared!)

5. Why You Get (& How to Avoid) Cupping Marks

6. New to Cupping? You Can Ditch the Magnets!

Related Self Care Videos that Incorporate Cupping …

1. MELT Your Own Neck Tension (at Home)!

2. Top 2 BEST Self Massage Tools (Home Use)

3. Make Your Feet Happy (Home Foot Fitness)

Curious to learn more about cupping?

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