Wondering where to begin for your first/next cupping set?

I always recommend at least one soft (myofascial) cupping set and one firm (deep tissue) cupping set, as they serve different purposes.

Soft/myofascial massage cups stretch, loosen, and soften the tissues in a general area as you move them around on your body.

Firm/deep tissue cups provide a more targeted release (dissolving of trigger points or knots) to a single area. These are the ones you keep in place for a few minutes.


This set is my go-to set of cups for firm/deep tissue cupping.

Here’s why:


  • These have worked like a charm for me consistently!
  • You get 2 curved cups!!!! This is CRITICAL for cupping curved areas of your body (neck, knees, elbow, etc). Some firm sets don’t have these, but this set does.
  • You get detailed instructions in both English and Chinese.
  • You get detailed acupressure charts, in case you wanna learn to cup your acupressure points. ๐Ÿ™‚
  • You get a good variety of sizes, for both large and small muscle groups.
  • You get everything you need (pump gun, tube, and magnets if you want to try those). Tip: 99 percent of people can IGNORE THE MAGNETS!



Here’s the style of soft cups I use most often.


  • Best set for LARGE muscles, like back muscles and leg muscles, thanks to the EXTRA LARGE CUP!
  • You can move the cups easily without too much hand strain, thanks to the mushroom or dome/handle shape at top.
  • They stack inside of each other nicely (like little Russian dolls).


  • No face cups (no biggie if you’re not cupping your face).


  • THESE LURE CUPS ARE AMAZING when you need to cup with one hand only, because they go on with an easy side squeeze motion.
  • These are also the cups you want whenever you’re doing beauty or cellulite cupping.


  • No EXTRA LARGE body cups (like the set above). But, not a big deal if you don’t need those!


If you’re looking for a nice tote or caddy to put all your cups in, this one is a winner!

Hopefully, this helps you shop for your first/next set of cups!

I recommend to try them all and see which ones feel best and help you the most. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, fill your cup!

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