Cupping has helped my clients and me in so many ways, it’s hard to keep track.

But for the record, here are a few benefits of cupping massage therapy.

Relieves pain. After your cupping session, you will generally feel a 40-100% percent decrease in pain, depending on the issue and your body. I find it gives much more reliable results than massage on its own (and faster) — and feels better, too!

Promotes relaxation and stress relief. After cupping, you will feel significantly looser and more relaxed and free in your body. All those layers of tension, muscle, and fascia that were stuck together can now breathe!

Boosts circulation. Cupping stimulates your circulation significantly more than massage or any other method I’ve used. This is key to its healing magic. It’s also why you should be sure not to have any circulatory diseases or stresses before you do cupping. Check with your physician if you are unsure.

Detoxifies your body. Make sure to drink lots of water after any cupping treatment, because cupping pulls toxins from deeper muscle layers to the top of your skin, for release out of your body.

Aids in digestion and relieves constipation. You can gently cup your abdomen to aid in the healthy movement of your digestive system. Keep your eyes peeled for a video!

Boosts the health of your skin. Cupping heals scar tissue, reduces appearance of cellulite, and helps your skin look and feel younger.

Promotes optimal energy (chi) flow or life force. Acupuncturists use cups to strategically enhance chi / prana / energy flow. And so can you! Anytime you use cups, you have this power, too.

Improves immune strength. Cupping boosts lymphatic flow, and in this way, bolsters your immune system.

Heals bronchial and respiratory conditions. Guess what the main treatment for tuberculosis was before medications became available? Yep! Cups. The vacuum suction magic reverses stagnation and clears congestion.

Not bad for a little set of cups!

Of course, I use many methods for healing, but for these reasons and more, my cupping set is never too far away!

Want to learn more about the benefits of cupping?

See articles at Dr. Axe, Natural Living Ideas and Pacific College of Oriental Medicine.

What about you? Have you tried cupping? What do you like the most?

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